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Kitty Mihos

Cat's handcut glass candy bar MAGNETS & MIRRORS

Cat's handcut glass candy bar MAGNETS & MIRRORS

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Oh the Choices!

Years ago, I had a flood in my beach apartment that left me with many damaged comics- I began to make art out of them, as I couldn't bear to part with them.

All hand-cut glass (cut by me, with many scars to show for it!) and framed in copper, these are all original panels, when I know which comic it was, I identify it..but sometimes I have no clue. People have been sending me their damaged comics to transform.

If you search for the hashtag #glasscandybar you can see many of my past pieces.

Neil has several of my pieces in his home:

 I even got a lovely note from JJ Abrams when I sent him a few of my pieces: 

They will come in a box (if the piece fits! otherwise, a very sturdy bubblewrap job) All backings are different things, recycled packaging etc, like so:

I also have mirrors and matchbooks in this style, go look around! 


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