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ROMAN DIRGE'S limited edition print: Lenore meets Neil

ROMAN DIRGE'S limited edition print: Lenore meets Neil

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From the brilliantly twisted mind of Roman Dirge, one possible scenario to illustrate when Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl first meets Mr. Neil Gaiman... sparks fly!

 As always, when we announce a new print we will give the early birds special incentives to get them first. I had Roman sign the first orderers prints as well-- over beers at a great British pub inn Hollywood-

This run is stopped at 750 and they will go quickly.

Measuring 11" x 17" on a semi-matte creamy 50% recycled paper stock, these are offered unsigned by Neil, but we have a variant with Roman signatures.

We are still working together on a television series of LENORE 
This may be one possible outcome of the whole shebang...!

*this print is extra-limited because of a hidden teensy mistake, that the Boss found while signing....

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