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IN RELIG ORAN limited edition print by MICHAEL ZULLI

IN RELIG ORAN limited edition print by MICHAEL ZULLI

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From the brilliant imagination of Michael Zulli, a full-color rendering of Neil's poem IN RELIG ORAN.

Mr. Zulli is the remarkable artist behind The Wake, Sandman's final chapter.

This is a hand-numbered limited edition run of 750 prints. Print size 11" x 17".

Before he read the at-the-time unpublished poem in Chicago one year at C2E2, Neil told us a little story.

Inspired by a book of myths and legends of Scotland by Otta F. Swire, Neil wrote the poem about a doomed saint, IN RELIG ORAN.

After reading some of the stories in the Swire book, he took his dog, Cabal for a walk. 

"Sometimes, when you walk, " he said, "your mind goes into rhythms.....I found myself walking to along to the beat of the line: When St. Columba landed at the island of Iona..." 

 It is a thought-provoking piece and one of Neil's most beautiful word paintings.


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