Heart-shaped Austrian crystal prism crystal w/garnet beads

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 Making jewelry put me through college without student loans, and I still love to get out the beads and play.!

This one is for the red-velvet-heart club, just in time for St. Valentine's Day.

I used Swarovski crystals, seed beads from Japan, and garnets from India- hang it in your sunniest window and watch the rainbows fly*

The heart ships in a shiny red bubble mailer & comes in a black gift box with a glitterly red heart sticker!

I have only a limited amount of these crystal hearts, priced at $25.95--

here's a discount code for $5 off at check out: HEART23 (you can use it on anything though)

*It throws beautiful rainbows, but it's cloudy today, so I will try again when the sun comes out to capture the prism in all its glory.