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23 piece set of stickers & postcards + vax card holder

23 piece set of stickers & postcards + vax card holder

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In this package:

2 x Neil silhouette postards (illustrated by Paper Panda)

Sandman stickers & postcards: all painted by the wonderful watercolor master David Mack.  (1 x Morpheus sticker and 2 x Morpheus postcard and 1 x Death with cat sticker)

1 x vax card pouch (you can use it for anything, but it's sized to fit the American standard vaccination cards) 

1 x Dream dangerously sticker

1 x New Years Wish sticker & 1 x NY Wish postcard (art by David mack)

1 x Making Mistakes postcard (art by David Mack)

12 Calendar of Tales postcards:

one for each month, all drawn by Paul Roman Martinez from Neil's project of a few years back-

plus 1 (one) random sticker or postcard in each package- you won't know what you get until you open them!

all are locally printed in Los Angeles, California and are sized at 4" x 6"-

$23.95 for the set (just about buck a piece)

Comes in a shiny padded envelope. 

Thanks for the support, we will be donating proceeds to a local kitten and puppy rescue BARCS and Meals on Wheels, feeding the elderly since the 1960's!

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