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NEWEST!! Writer’s Kit #13!

NEWEST!! Writer’s Kit #13!

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Lucky Number 13!!!  

Our latest Writer's Kit features 9 postcards (3 each of our new Mack Morpheus, Neil Silhouette by Paper Panda, and Making Mistakes also done by David Mack! cards) plus two stickers, a tote bag, a vax card holder & one of two different pen styles, based on availability.  

We also have the option to add one of our new metal luggage tags for an additional $11.95. (we sell them separately for $19.95) These tags are beautiful, with Neil's quote from American Gods "We travel a spiral. The quickest way is sometimes the longest.."

The tote bag is 100% sturdy unbleached cotton, and will fit graphic novels easy! 

The full color stickers are the new Morpheus by David Mack and the new Death with a cat.

The pen is either the red pen or the silver, dealer's choice over here. Both write in inky-black, our favorite.

The vax card holder keeps your vaccine record card safe from damage.

We also have signed-by-Neil prizes going into random kits, so keep your eyes peeled! (signed Death note cards, signed backstage passes from Neil's last tour & a very rare Corinthian keyring) 

There are only 100 of these so they will go FAST (it also means you have a good chance of winning the Neil loot!)

Also we are offering a five dollar off code, please use: AUTUMN22 (it's good for anything in the shop!) 


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