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Tori Amos :Little Earthquakes from Z2 Comics! (chance to win Neil signed)

Tori Amos :Little Earthquakes from Z2 Comics! (chance to win Neil signed)

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Hello all,

Many of you know that I was a roadie for many years, touring with bands to include Mötley Crüe, Tool, Britney, Gaga, Soundgarden, Black Keys and more.

My second tour in 2002 was the brilliant Tori Amos. On that tour (over 20 years ago) I met Neil, who was hanging out backstage w/ T. He had a galley of Endless Nights. I told him that when I worked at a comic book shop (Geppi’s Harborplace in Baltimore) in my college days, I sold countless copies of Sandman—

We became friends and when Neil would visit LA, I would drive him to business meetings etc. I got a first class education in how to pitch films /stories and in 2016, he hired me full time with The Blank Corporation. Grateful for my lucky life!

Z2 reached out to both me and Neil to contribute to the newest Tori Amos compilation book. We now have a few of these hard cover books for sale! They retail for $39.99 and we have created a code to give you $5 off that. Please enter the code : Tori5 at check out at, that will take the fiver right off the total. (& if you don’t want the book, the code is good for $5 off anything at the shop)

  BONUS: I asked Neil to sign only one copy that we will sneak into the pile- the rest will be signed by me. (Cat) My story about ghosts & music was beautifully illustrated by Paul Roman Martinez, who did the Calendar of Tales cards for us. Never did I dream I would share a book with Colleen Doran or Margaret Atwood, but here we are…

Summary from Z2 Comics (they have sold out of all the premium versions!)

The official graphic novel celebrating 30 years of Tori Amos's breakout album: Little Earthquakes. The landmark release that established her iconic thematic voice, as well as her live intensity behind the keys with unflinching lyrics and songs that would inspire generations of artists and musicians. 

This graphic novel demonstrates the lasting influence of this defining work with 24 stories inspired by the 12 songs on the album, as well as the 12 ‘B-sides’ that accompanied the album and its associated singles. With star writers such as Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood  assembled by Z2 editor Rantz Hoseley, who previously edited the multi-award-winning Tori book: Comic Book Tattoo

Standard Hardcover Edition — $39.99

  • 8” x 8” Hardcover Graphic Novel
  • WRITERS & ARTISTS: Neil Gaiman, Bilquis Evely, Margaret Atwood, David Mack, Leah Moore, Cat Mihos, Colleen Doran, Derek McCulloch, Lar deSouza, Annie Zaleski, Marc Andreyko, Neil Kleid, Alison Sampson and Paul Roman Martinez


DESIGNER: Lauryn Ipsum

 ps. here's what my sweet husband and shipping elf wants me to add:

My wife wrote in this!!
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