Neil Notebook Pen Set + Postcards #2 plus chance to win signed things!

Neil Notebook Pen Set + Postcards #2 plus chance to win signed things!

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Our first round of these notebooks sold out super fast fast, so here is round 2!

Contains 80 sheets of lined notebook paper, this little beauty is pocket-sized at 3" x 5"x 5.5" comes with a black satin ribbon to keep your place inside.

There is also a "secret" pocket in which to keep your receipts, love notes or fortunes safe.

It comes w/ an inky black pen with Neil's writing advice reminder engraved: "finish things"

A flat black elastic cord keeps it all together, not the Moleskin brand, but in that style.

Also included is a postcard/sticker set with  a grab bag of 3 stickers and 3 postcards-- mystery sets! (dealers choice)


 NOTE: We pack these all up and have hidden these several signed-by-Neil items, which 9 lucky winners will find like little Wonka golden tickets.  

we hid:

3 x vintage signed Sandman book marks

3 x Thor's hammer Norse promo temp tattoos

2 x Neil metal luggage tags, photographed both sides to show how you just put a business card in the back of the tag.

1 x glass candy bar mirror of Cluracan/Sandman (I make them from damaged comics, look up the #glasscandybar hashtag!) 

We never know who wins, but we love to see the prizes posted on social media: 

@neverwear on Twitter/ @neverwear on Facebook/@catmihos on Insta

(I haven't gotten to TikTok yet, do I hafta???)

Thank you for all the support, we are donating to many different causes, always to a library and to an animal rescue,  the NAACP, we always want to hear from you on worthy causes as well.