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David Mack paints Morpheus

David Mack paints Morpheus

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David Mack is at it again, and he gave us permission to do a limited print run of his newest Sandman painting! 

This can stand alone or be part of the endless portrait collection. 

Printed right here at in Hollywood, California on beautiful pearlescent stock

sized at 8.5" x 11" to match the others in the series, limited at a run of 1500.


( this is why we encourage you to order on the pre-sale, they are about 30% off then)

We travelled to the 2022 San Diego ComicCon to launch Sandman and I also had a panel on Saturday, and many of you came say hello!
It was beautifully  moderated by Bonita Pietila of Simpsons fame! 

So grateful to you all,  thanks for your patience.

The causes we will back on this one will be:

*UNHCR, Neil is an ambassador for this organization which is on the ground worldwide to help the displaced refugees.

*Planned Parenthood, which is simply trying to educate the public on how to best navigate family planning. We need them now more than ever!

*IFAW who is doing important work with the partnerson the ground in Ukraine for shelter animals.

(International Fund for Animal Welfare)

Here's what they are doing to help:

IFAW’s Disaster Response team is currently working with partners to respond to the devastation in Ukraine. We’re rushing aid to local animal shelters in Ukraine:

  • Shelter Pif, is located in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Evacuation is not an option for shelter staff and the over 800 dogs in their care. 
  • The Holivka Shelter, located in Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine. Staff are not allowed to cook hot food for their dogs because the fire could draw unnecessary attention to the shelter. They desperately need to buy dry food for the 300 dogs in their care.
  • .Ukraine Aid FAQ

    Q: What about the people? Why are we helping the animals?

    A: The immediate needs during times of conflict are always focused on the safety of the people involved. However, we know from our rescue work around the world that animals are often the forgotten victims of conflict and war. Many animal shelters, sanctuaries and individual guardians refuse to evacuate because they do not want to leave their animals - placing them all in danger. It is our job to focus on the animals in times like this because we know that by helping the animals, we are also helping people.

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