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Swarovski Austrian Crystal & gemstone prisms: Handmade by Cat!

Swarovski Austrian Crystal & gemstone prisms: Handmade by Cat!

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I put myself through college by making jewelry, I had a cute and teensylittle shop in Baltimore called 9th Life where I sold my jewels and handmade art-

Here is me in the university newspaper, before I was a roadie, before I met Neil while I was on tour with Tori Amos:

I thought it was time to bring back some of my beading!  I bought beads from around the world when I was on tour-

These are Swarovski Austrian crystals, that you hang in the window, when sunlight hits them, they cast rainbows!

They each come in a black or red box !

Tourmalinated Quartz:
is said to help clear energy patterns that have resulted in stagnation and to release the outworn patterns and reestablishes energetic flow with emotional clarity. Plus it is just plan hypnotizing to look at--!


this shiny gun-metal grey semi-precious stone is weighty but elegant. Said to be the “lucky stone” (take me to Vegas!) court date looming? —this may be for you! 

 it was believed in ancient Egypt that the wearer would win favorable verdicts in legal judgments, to deflect negative energy & help cleanse the blood.


Known as the stone of ambition, this man-made sparkler is said to assist in attaining goals. It is a symbol of ingenuity, believed to reduce tension, revitalize the wearer and encourage a positive attitude.


stressed?  feeling like you need a martini? 15thcentury England believed that this purple quartz would protect wearer from drunkeness! (silly them)  also thought to cure headaches and help in controlling one’s temper.


Looking for a date? This blood red stone stimulates passion & develops love in the wearer, will have your phone ringing off the hook! These beautiful stones came from India.


For those who need motivation! This beautiful pale green stone will get you right off your couch and moving into the world. The Tibetans used to polish aventurine into eyeglasses. The stone of contentment and clarity.

 I will be sure to put the info about the gemstone in the box for you!!




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