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Scary Trousers Tee

Scary Trousers Tee

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The adorable (a-doorbell) likeness of Our Boss as imagined by the Elektra of the art world, Kendra Stout. By day, Kendra is a caring zoo keeper -- by night, she fights crime & sketches likenesses.

the trademarked rumply hair, the obligitory sleepy eyes... he looks like a cousin to the baby endless & yet somehow ...not...

These are Hanes' cotton Tees, if that helps any with the sizing.

Youth sizes make excellent girly tees.

"Scary Trousers" comes from a nickname given to Neil by the legendary Alan Moore.

 ...and the XXLs' grabbed the XL's and ran out on us. We are giving chase but they have a heck of a head start. available in youth medium, youth large and adult small !!!


here worn by the super-talent Roger Avary:

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