Writers Kit #6-chances to win a signed copy of Neverwear!

Writers Kit #6-chances to win a signed copy of Neverwear!

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We had such fun with the first five Writer's Travel Kit, which quickly sold out,  we designed a sixth set. We only have 30 of these-- they will go fast.

 A lucky black clicky pen w/Neil's writing advice printed in silver, a tote bag, 20 postcards and a luggage tag.  Everything a traveling writer needs to get around. 


here is the black pen and one of the two signed-by-Neil Neverwhere books.

The luggage tag is made of metal to withstand all of the rigors of travel. 


The new brushed metal tag features a quote from Neil: 

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before..."

 3 MAKE MISTAKES postcards, 3 DREAM postcards, 3 WISH postcards, 3 HOPE postcards  3 BELIEVE postcards,  2 Lil' Neil postcards, 3 AMERICAN GODS postcards (or let me know in the memo, i'll make 20 of whatever you prefer) 

This is the AMERICAN GODS postcard image, painted by David Mack: 



This lovely tote (made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles), will hold what you need to carry with you perfectly. The straps are reinforced, to carry everything from a change of clothes to your bowling ball.  Silver ink on black, w/a protection dragon!



(it WILL fit the gorgeous ANNOTATED SANDMAN #4, but sorry to report, that giant book does not come with the kit)


 to further sweeten the deal, I got Neil to sign a bag and I also put in 2 "coupons" which if in your order, we will send you a signed copy of Neverwhere- we put them in random orders. I thought it would be like the Willy Wonky golden ticket, and a nice thank-you to his readers.

TO BE CLEAR: they are not all signed!

 There is actually a pretty good chance of getting a signed Neil bag for a steal.  


** note: this is the old bag, the new one has the dragon, but says "Dream Dangerously"-

We are packing ALL the kits up and throwing them in a big bin, so we will not know who gets the signed versions. Hope you will post your prizes on the Neverwear Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Neverwear/

(i also post discount codes over on that page- worth a visit)

 Writers! remember Neil's brilliant advice on writing: "finish things"- so I shall do just that with this post.

 thank you and enjoy.