NEW! Neverwear Mask + 4 oversized postcards & 4 stickers

NEW! Neverwear Mask + 4 oversized postcards & 4 stickers

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we  introduce the Neverwear Mask!!

A black gaiter silkscreened with Neil's words from Fragile Things:

"We save our lives in such unlikely ways . . ."

We also have in this neat little package:

Four x large format postcards (6" x 9") featuring the wonderful line art of Marc Hempel, illustrator of Sandman: The Kindly Ones.  Matthew the Raven and Morpheus.  (both TM of DC Comics)

 (Dollar bill shown for scale only, haha not included, sorry)

More of Marc's work can be found here: WWW.MARCHEMPEL.COM

One postcard in each set comes pre-stamped with a first class stamp! These oversized postcards need the first class stamp, too big for a postcard stamp. (55 cent forever stamps)  We bought Halloween, Scooby Doo, Muppets, Moon Landing & Chinese Year of the Rat stamps to help support the faltering USPS.

Thank you for your patience as the mail has been slowed down- & please remember to vote this year, my friends!

One each of the four sticker versions of the four so far released David Mack Sandman prints complete this collection. (Dream, Death, Desire, Delirium)


NOTE: we are almost out of these...  

*A customer has expressed concern over the fact that one study has shown gaiters to be ineffective.  We have looked into it and it appears that the study in question was to find a way of testing masks that was cheap and effective.  The study was not checking the efficacy of any particular type of mask.  Our gaiters are polyester, not fleece-- we have been testing them here in the Treehouse! 
We would NEVER want to put anyone in compromised safety.