Very few left!!  Writer's Kit #9!

Very few left!! Writer's Kit #9!

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The writer kits are back! 
Shipped to you in a golden envelope anywhere in the world.
We are offering four different options for this lucky number 9 writers kit:
baseline kit is $28.95: 
12 postcards (4 x Good Omens, 4 x Making Mistakes, 4 x New Year's Wish)
1 set of 2 stickers: Sandman's Death and Dream
1 x Good Omens sticker
1 x Neil magnet
1 x tote bag (made from recycled plastic bottles) "Make Good Art"
1 gunmetal grey pen with laser-engraved quote"Finish things.." Neil's advice on writing.
bonus: 1 x Neil spoken word CD  (with the possibility of getting a signed one)
level two: baseline kit plus a Good Omens Angel pin for $36.95
level three: baseline kit plus a Good Omens Demon pin for $36.95
level four:  baseline kit + Good Omens Angel & Demon pin set for $46.95
These beautiful pins which have been commissioned to celebrate Neil and Terry's much anticipated Good Omens series which is now on Amazon/coming to BBC.
Available in both an angelic white & silver and a devilish black & gold, it’s time to choose your side – The End is Nigh!

We have a limited number of these beautiful enameled pins, so come and get them!

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ALSO **if you are in the UK and just want the pins, go to the Discworld site: