10 piece Sticker set comes w/ free NEVERWHERE!  (plus chance to win signed bookmark)

10 piece Sticker set comes w/ free NEVERWHERE! (plus chance to win signed bookmark)

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I hope you are all keeping safe and using some of your time to catch up on your reading in this o-so-strange time! 

This is a 10 piece sticker set of Neil quotes with David Mack art, comes with an All Hallows Read bookmark or an Anansi Boys one. 15.95 for the set!  **(just a little over a buck a sticker)**

(Wish 1, Tiger Wish 2, both Sandman stickers, Making mistakes, Odin, Good Omens, Neil's 8 rules of writing & Dream)

The full color stickers measure 4" x 6 " and the bookmark measures 2" x 6".

Stickers may be substituted based upon availability.

These will come with a free paperback copy of NEVERWHERE, Neil's tale of London underground magic and mystery. YES I SAID FREE.

(these books are not signed)

UPDATE for second wave: In three(3) of the NEW packages, we hid a signed-by-Neil-Gaiman bookmark. We only have 100 of these so it's a pretty good chance to win one of the bookmarks. (we added three more from the first round)

All sent to you in a nice shiny gold envelope like Willy Wonka's ticket!

(if we run out of gold mailers, they will be sent in a midnight black envelope)

We have been donating funds to our favorite tiger rescue Valley of the Kings and to local businesses here in the LA area, and we will continue to donate more -we sent a chunk over to David Mack for all of his cancelled appearances as well! Thank you for the support!

**to also note: we have never raised our shipping prices in over 13 years, not once, even though the post office continues to raise their rates-- I always encourage overseas customers to pool their orders if possible, as it is a flat rate no matter how much is ordered, right now it's costing us $6-$8 MORE than we are charging to ship books to places like Australia** We are also open to the option of customers sending their own accounts to use, if that works-  Fed Ex etc. You would just send an outgoing label and we would refund your shipping.