BRAND NEW!! THE ENDLESS Destruction, Destiny, and Despair by David Mack

BRAND NEW!! THE ENDLESS Destruction, Destiny, and Despair by David Mack

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 The final three portraits in David Mack’s Sandman Endless collection are here, just in time for the 25th year anniversary of the release of issue #75!

(The issue titled The Tempest was released in March 1996)

Printed on gorgeous pearlescent stock, right here in Hollywood, California.

Destiny: The oldest of the Endless, his book is chained to him

Destruction: "The Prodigal" (and my personal favorite of the seven Endless) is paired with his faithful companion/art critic Barnabas! 

Despair: Who among us doesn't feel compassion for this twin to Desire? David told me he was so moved by her plight that he said this:

"For Despair, she is often drawn in a grotesque way, so I tried for something that still worked with her character, but that could also be poetic in her own way...
So the darker colors & textures & dead falling leaves should give the despair tone, but also wanted to make the character poetic & lyrical in her own way & to fit with the quote in a caring way."

size: 8.5" x 11" a run of 1500 each.

We are running a presale, and the prints, depending on how you chose them, will be as low as $15 each- when bought in sets. There is also a $5 off code because we love you, enter in SANDMAN at checkout.

A percentage of profits will go to NAACP ( RAINN (, and to our wonderful big cat sanctuary friends the Valley of the Kings ( VOTK recently had the roof of their barn cave in due to heavy snows in the Midwest, and we want to help them rebuild.

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