UPDATED! NEW!! Laser-engraved pen & card set w/(or without) silkscreened mask

UPDATED! NEW!! Laser-engraved pen & card set w/(or without) silkscreened mask

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We had new cherry-burst red pens made, they are a beauty to behold, like a candy apple from the fair.

They are laser-engraved with Neil's advice for writers:

Write. Put one word after the other. 

Seems simple advice, but sometimes we still need reminding!

The pen comes with a 12 piece postcard/sticker/bookmark set as shown.

(2 x Thor, 2 x Odin, 2 x Valkyrie, 2 x Loki, 2 x Jill Thompson New Year Wish & one bookmark & one sticker)

UPDATE! Adding in two Thor with the Giant cat postcards in!! (this will be a 14 piece set now!) and two new glass candy bars since the first two already sailed away- who did they go to live with, I wonder? 

We also had new masks made, which you can add on to the pen kit (optional!)

The masks are double-enforced with a 100% cotton backing, silkscreened with the words of Neil from Fragile Things:

 "We save our lives in such unlikely ways..."

These are not medical masks but they are very preventive--we can't blow out a match through them. We love how they fit and feel. It's my new favorite go-to mask! 

The sets will come in a super shiny bubble mailer as shown.(color vary on the mailers- silver, green, red etc)

 (ps. I am blind-planting my handmade #glasscandybars in 2 of the 100 packages! Happy treasure hunting! Marc Hempel's Delirium and an unknown Superman panel- as always the backs are random recycled things I find in the Treehouse-)

UPDATE: those first two magnets are gone, but I am adding 2 more, these will be tiny handmade mirrors! see the photos, one is Odin themed, the other is Bruce Wayne aka Batty aka Batman!

also there's a photo of Drew packing up the kits-