SANDMAN!! David Mack paints Neil's DREAM & DEATH

SANDMAN!! David Mack paints Neil's DREAM & DEATH

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Couldn't be more excited to announce these new prints!

From the watercolor master, David Mack (with the official blessing of DC Comics!) we would like to introduce our latest prints, two of the Endless from Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN, Death and Dream.


Offered (unsigned) as a set, OR you can buy them separately. 

The prints are on luxurious pearlescent heavy stock with our Neverwear official stamp, a run of 1500. Printed right here in Hollywood, California!

size: 8.5" x 11" (easy to frame!)

shipped in sturdy packaging to get to you safely.

The earliest pre-orders will also get the set as stickers (while supplies last!)

The presale pricing will go up on Sunday night July 14, 2019 at midnight PST so get your orders in, these will go fast! 

See Michael Sheen (our favorite angel Aziraphale from Good Omens!) tell us more here on this important & uplifting *event: 


Find out more about it here (& you can donate directly to that page, if you are moved!)


I also did a little in-conversation with David Mack on the project as well:

Cat: When did you first find Sandman?

DM: My first big convention was New York January of 1993.

 I was barely 20 years old.
I had a table there & an indy book out.

I showed my work to DC who were set up nearby.
Vertigo editor Karen Berger's assistant editor Shelly Bond (who then was Shelly Roeberg) liked my work & said that I would be a good artist for Sandman and she gave me her contact info with instructions to follow up after the convention.
I was so excited from the convention with job offers from editors and inspiration, that on the drive home from New York, I decided to write my own book, and I came up with the idea for KABUKI on the 12 hour drive home. The next day I started working on Kabuki and went right into that book which did very well for me.
So last year when I did a cover for Sandman Universe, it was a joy to work on it, after 25 years of first talking about doing art for it.
And now to make these prints with you and Neil is wonderful. 

Cat: Who is your favorite Endless and why? (mine is Destruction!)

DM: Dream. Such a great concept. Also his sister Death, on our print here.

Cat: Dream casting for Sandman? (I have been getting endless suggestions, pun intended)

DM: Oh I'm sure that is how I might hurt someone's feelings...So many great parts for so many actors...Would be cool to see Sofia Boutella in one of the roles.

I remember after seeing Krysten Ritter in Breaking Bad, that back then I thought she would be a good Death. Very cool that she is Jessica Jones now and that I was able to work with her and make art of her on the Netflix series and the opening titles.

Cat: Who was your favorite Sandman artist? (I could never pick one...)

DM: McKean is just wonderful on those covers. We were both in Lake Como Italy in May and it was a joy to speak with him and his wife. I picked up some original art from him (some of the art from his Sandman Dustcovers book actually), and he drew a very special Kabuki-esque original image for me as well.

Cat: What are you working on now in your life? 

DM: I just returned from at State Department trip in the former Soviet areas. I was in Tbilisi where the protests were. I spoke at the Academy of Arts there and exhibited. I also taught students in Batumi, Ozurgeti, Zugdidi. I'm heading back to North Africa next month for a State Dept trip in Tunisia again. I've taught at the Schools for the Deaf on State Dept trips in Singapore, Tunisia, Sakartvelo. Will probably be at a State Dept trip in Japan after that.

In comics, DC just released the new creator-owned book from Brian Michael Bendis & I called Cover. It's a story based on my travels for the US State Department.
We have some TV offers for it, so we will be busy with that too.
Bendis & I will be working on our next creator-owned project this year.

I just did some covers for DC & have a new project with them as well they may announce soon.

This year was the 20th anniversary of my start as writer on Daredevil at Marvel & they released the new edition of that.
This year is the 25th anniversary of KABUKI, and Dark Horse is releasing omnibus volumes of Kabuki. Four volumes of 416 pages each. That is nearly 1700 pages of story & art. It is the foundation of my work in comics. Currently developing KABUKI with Sony for at TV series.