"Make Good Art" Fleece Hat

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oh, the truth in this three word statement....

"make good art."

this is one of the main messages pulled from Neil's powerful commencement address in May 2012 to the graduating class of the University of the Arts in Pennsylvania... words for the artist in us all.

I wanted to wear this little verse and so i thought, maybe a little black knit hat, with the words embroidered in a ghostly white-silvery thread.
We went back and forth on the font, the lettering, how to present it.
Neil, in his wisdom, said, put it to a vote.
And so we did.
The block font prevailed in the tumblr universe, almost two to one.
We did a small run of block font and then a small run of cursive font.
Those both sold out almost immediately.
So we did another small run of them, in a Garamond font, on a supertoasty fleece cap like so:

Get yours before they are all gone.
And at $22.95, they will go quick....