Writer's Kit #7

Writer's Kit #7

Here it is, Neverwearians!!

Number seven in our Writer's Kit series features one (or both, if you're a Libra and cannot decide!!) of these beautiful pins which have been commissioned to celebrate Neil and Terry's much anticipated Good Omens series which is coming to Amazon/BBC in 2019. Available in both an angelic white & silver and a devilish black & gold, it’s time to choose your side – The End is Nigh!

Also included are a new white version of our popular ballpoint pens, 6 new Neil's 8 Rules on Writing postcards, 6 new Imagination cards, illustrated by David Mack and the official Neverwear notebook!!  11 of these lovely note-collectors have Neil's iconic signature inscribed on the front by his own hand! (they will be randomly inserted in the kits, so you may win one)

We have a limited number of these beautiful enameled pins, so come and get them!

(**hint hint, go to our Facebook page as we are going to put up a discount code for today/tomorrow Nov 24/25, 2018 www.facebook.com/neverwear)

ALSO **if you are in the UK and just want the pins, go to the Discworld site: https://discworld.com/products/all-badges/good-omens-pin-badge/

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