NEW PRINT! David Mack illustrates AMERICAN GODS

NEW PRINT! David Mack illustrates AMERICAN GODS

We are pleased to present this wonderful new image from the hand of David Mack, we are turning into a limited edition full color print.

David's version of Bast, on the cover of the AMERICAN GODS series out now by DarkHorse Comics. Bast/Bastet is the Egyptian goddess/protector of cats, so she is near and dear to our feline-loving hearts.


This is a pre-order, we are going to print here in Hollywood, California a run of 750.

They will go quickly, this beautiful print will be with you in about 10 days. They will be $25 until Thursday night June 1, 2017 at midnight PDT and then go up to $38 for the continuation of the run.

size: 11" x 17" shipped to you in a strong protective tube.

We went and picked out the most beautiful linen style paper stock, it will be our first time using this paper. Can't wait to see it, and feel it!

USA made! We will donate a percentage to BLACK JAGUAR/WHITE TIGER big cat sanctuary down in Mexico. They are doing wonderful rescue work and you can check them out here: 

We will also continue to donate to the GAIMAN FOUNDATION as well. They are doing wonderful work with @CBLDF and @RAINN. 

These are sold unsigned. 


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