NEW! Notebooks are back in! Pen & stickers, postcards (+ good chances to win signed items)

NEW! Notebooks are back in! Pen & stickers, postcards (+ good chances to win signed items)

Our first round of these notebooks sold out super fast fast, so here is round 2!

Contains 80 sheets of lined notebook paper, this little beauty is pocket-sized at 3" x 5"x 5.5" comes with a black satin ribbon to keep your place inside.

There is also a "secret" pocket in which to keep your receipts, love notes or fortunes safe.

It comes w/ an inky black pen with Neil's writing advice reminder engraved: "finish things"

A flat black elastic cord keeps it all together.

Also included is a postcard/sticker set with the following: 

6 x stickers: 1 x each of 2 different versions of Death, 1 x Morpheus, 1 x Desire, 1 x Delirium, 1 x Jill Thompson's New Year's Wish (2020)

8 x postcards: 1 x each of Making Mistakes, all 3 New Year's Wishes, Sandman's Merv & Matthew, Endless: Destiny, Despair & Destruction

NOTE: We pack these all up and have hidden these several signed-by-Neil items, which 9 lucky winners will find like little Wonka golden tickets.  

we hid:

3 x vintage signed Sandman book marks

3 x Thor's hammer Norse promo temp tattoos

2 x Neil metal luggage tags, photographed both sides to show how you just put a business card in the back of the tag.

1 x glass candy bar mirror of Cluracan/Sandman (I make them from damaged comics, look up the #glasscandybar hashtag!) 

We never know who wins, but we love to see the prizes posted on social media: 

@neverwear on Twitter/ @neverwear on Facebook/@catmihos on Insta

(I haven't gotten to TikTok yet, do I hafta???)

Thank you for all the support, we are donating to many different causes, always to a library and to an animal rescue,  the NAACP, we always want to hear from you on worthy causes as well.

for the next week until Dec 1, 2021: use this code for $5 bucks off: WRITE5

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