New notebook and pen set + plus chance to win!

New notebook and pen set + plus chance to win!

New item! Neil's writer advice quote on the cover of a beautiful soft matte finish pocket-sized notebook. We only have 100 of these, they will go quick.

Containing 80 sheets of lined notebook paper, this notebook measures 3" x 5.5" and comes with a black satin sewn-in bookmark ribbon.

There is also a hidden gusseted "mini envelope file" in the back of the notebook.

A flat black elastic cord keeps it all together.

Plus it comes with a pen with Neil's advice on, "finish things" (black ink ballpoint pen)

 Now you can keep all of your thoughts and ideas together in one place. 

The note book comes with 3 postcards and 3 stickers from David Mack's brush:

"You have to believe. Otherwise, it will not happen."-Neil Gaiman

all for only $22.95

NOTE: the first weekend, please enter code: WRITE2020 to get $5 off--code expires at midnight PST Sunday July 12, 2020.

Second note: we packed these sets all up in silver bubble wrap space mailers. we hid six things in different envelopes-out of 100, it's a good chance to win!  (we hid 2 signed notebooks, two luggage tags and 2 NG trading cards, good luck, friends! We do not know who will win, we always hope you post what you won on our social media pages!)

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