INTERNATIONAL Shipping rates update

INTERNATIONAL Shipping rates update

hello dear readers,

We have finally had to raise our prices for international shipping for the first time since 2007. The post office has raised their international fees due to C-19 so an 8 ounce package now costs 25.50 (!!!!) overseas. That is the weight of one paperback book.

All of the sticker set orders that we sold, we did not break even- but that's water under the bridge.

Canada pricing is up too. We don't want to do this, but we aren't Amazon- here is a receipt showing the pricing. 

We thought about cancelling overseas orders, but we thought we would let you decide if you want to order and pay the cost. We are open to ideas and as always, if you have a way you want to send it (your own Fed Ex account etc) we are open to working with you! 

It's still a flat rate, though, so like always, we encourage people to pool their overseas orders. (i shipped a box to China that cost me $48 but they paid $18-)

Open to feedback:

Thank you for all your support and please keep yourselves safe. 

-Team Neverwear

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