David Mack paints Giant Cats and a reprint of the Sold Out Bast piece!

David Mack paints Giant Cats and a reprint of the Sold Out Bast piece!

The fifth print in the Norse Mythology series is here! 

David Mack just continues to impress- this is his version of the myth of the Giants.

Thor and Loki venture to the castle of the Giant King who presents them with strange and hilarious challenges. I want to meet a cat this size, one day...

This full color limited edition print is sized at 11" x 17" to match the others in the series (Thor, Loki, The Valkyrie, and Odin, ol' OneEye himself) 

Printed right here  in Hollywood, California USA.

Limited to 750 in the first printing, hand-numbered and stamped with the official Neverwear stamp.

These will be offered unsigned at a pre-sale price of $25. (we'll offer a $5 off code to enter at check out as well: THORCAT) 

TAKE NOTE: This is a pre-sale order, you can expect the prints in SEPTEMBER- I will try to get them out sooner, but I anticipate they will start to ship around Sept 10.

We will include a sticker of the print with your order as well.

 ALSO: We are reprinting the SOLD OUT American Gods BAST print-- if you buy both these prints at the same time, you can get them for 45$  (and please don't forget to use your discount code!)

description: David's version of Bast, on the cover of the AMERICAN GODS series out now by DarkHorse Comics. Bast/Bastet is the Egyptian goddess/protector of cats, so she is near and dear to our feline-loving hearts.

This is also a pre-order, this will also print here in Hollywood, California

 a limited edition run of 750, hand-numbered sized at 11” x 17”

We will be donating to our local Humane Society, in honor of these fine cats!


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