BRAND NEW!! Writer's Kit #10 is up (only have 50 of these!)

BRAND NEW!! Writer's Kit #10 is up (only have 50 of these!)

Hello darlings,

So completely grateful to have you all visit our site over these many years. You have done so much good with your support, we are donating to several charities this year, including RAINN, Newark Working Kitchens, UNHCR, KittenRescueLA, World Wildlife Fund and our favorite tiger sanctuary Valley of the Kings. We have also given support to many of our less fortunate friends who are struggling to make ends meet.

Thank you, thank you. 

we haven't done a Writer's Kit in awhile- here is foxy number 10! 

we only have 50 of these! 

priced at $38.95 a kit, here are the contents:

1 x "Dream Dangerously" tote bag made from recycled bottles! (one lucky winner will get bag that was signed-by-Neil-in-silver-sharpie!!)

3 x postcards (Good Omens, New Year's Wish & Believe painted by David Mack)

2 x over-sized Sandman & Matthew postcards (drawn by Marc Hempel)

1 x black ink brushed metal engraved ball point pen with Neil's advice on writing.. "Finish Things"

3 x stickers (David Mack's Odin & Valkyrie & Chris Salmon's Coraline cat!)

1 x mask silkscreened w/ "we save our lives in such unlikely ways" quote from Neil's short story collection Fragile Things

***there are 50 chances to win possible bonus prizes which will be placed randomly in the kits**

6 x tiny rainbow hairpins on an M is for Magic cards 

1 x handpainted matchbox with a Todd Klein Sandman word bubble

1 x Desire "#glasscandybar" (art by Jill Thompson)

1 x Dream "#glasscandybar" (lettering by Todd Klein)

(if you don't know the story of my glass-candybars, I had a flood of my comics many years back and saved what panels I could to make into glass art. Now people send me their damaged comics, me am so happy)

ALSO: here's a $5 off code, good over the weekend, please enter it when you check out: 


ALSO: please note that because of the post office slowdowns and C-19 delays, we are going to be using Dec 2nd as the cut-off for Christmas arrivals- please know that we will do our best!

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Truly amazing, I am in love with these items, keep up the great work you are doing.

Sandy Ratliff









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