Brand new Writer Kit + a chance to win a signed Sandman bookplate

Brand new Writer Kit + a chance to win a signed Sandman bookplate

We made it to Writer's Kit #12!

This one comes with a gorgeous set of 12 postcards painted and designed by Paul Roman Martinez- a dynamite artist we met at San Diego ComicCon a few years back. Paul has illustrated each of Neil's 12 Calendar of Tales  stories and put them into lovely postcard form. They came out so well, we are pleased. 

We also produced an inky black stylus pen with rose-gold accent tone, with Neil's quote from American Gods:  "A town isn't a town without a bookstore" imprinted in copper --isn't it the truth!

Man, I love little bookstores-- they are becoming harder to find.

Do you remember when Neil spoke about "making beautiful mistakes"...? Well, we have a big batch of mistakes from our bag supplier. We ordered these totes to sell, and when they came in, the text accompanying the Neil portrait from David Mack was unreadable...wah. #boo

We decided to just throw them in for free with the cards/pen set. They are a heather grey bag made from recycled cotton teeshirts with a silkscreened little Neil! They work fine as a tote, but we can't sell them, so enjoy these little collector items on us. At 15" x 15", they are big enough to fit a record album! 

We are also throwing in a lucky Shire Mint Post "FreePress" nickel! 

Last thing: We have 10 of these signed-by-Neil Sandman bookplates to add as a surprise in the kits- you may win one! 

Here is a code to use over the holiday weekend to save $5: BEAUTIFULMISTAKE

We also have BACK IN STOCK all sizes of both the I BELIEVE tee and the GRAVEYARD BOOK tee! (the coupon works for those too)

and we now have BACK IN STOCK the Neil and David Mack double signed Endless portraits-- I had some Fed Ex'd to Neil in New Zealand-- those little prints travelled the world over....


We will donate a percentage of the proceeds to our local library, the Los Feliz library, this librarian's daughter is a proud supporter.

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