David Mack shares his vision of the Viking warrior spirit, The Valkyrie.  

David painted this for the cover of Darkhorse's NORSE MYTHOLOGY, Neil's version of the Old Tales. We are doing a limited run of these beautiful full color prints. 

a run of 750, printed on luxurious ivory stock, they will come stamped with our official  embosser. They are the same size as the Odin print we did recently with David, sold unsigned as Neil is far far away (I do miss my Boss)

size: 11" x 17"

These are on a pre-sale price of $25 each OR if you order them with the Odin print they will be $20 each- for the next five days until Friday 10/16 (my birthday)

(if you have ordered the Odin previously, just drop me an email, we will sort it out!

I am also posting a $5 off coupon over on the Neverwear facebook page- if you don't have FB (and I totally get why not!) email me as well, same address as above^)

These will come with a 4" x 6" sticker of the Valkyrie (while supplies last)

I interviewed my good friend David on his birthday this week: 

1. I see your work raised a lovely 10K for St. Jude's Childrens Hospital last week, where shall we donate proceeds from this print?
What a thoughtful question!
Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman had visited St Jude's Children. So in honor of him, I painted a portrait of him to raise funds to St Jude's. Benefit prints are still available from my art dealer Kirbys Comics Art here:
An additional $10,000 was raised/donated last week to St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital from sales of my Marvel published Black Panther cover from Sanctum Santorum Comic shop.
And currently I donated another #BlackPanther painting to #NewYorkComicCon's auction to raise more for St Jude's Children's. People can bid on my art & other art at the link here:
2. How would you describe the figure in this painting, is she a specific Valkyrie? 
(Did you model her after anyone?)
DM:  This Valkyrie print is a cover I painted for a future Norse Mythology issue.  It is the specific Valkyrie shown in that issue's story.
A friend of mine modeled for the figure.  She is a well known body painting artist, Stephanie Anderson.  For over ten years, I've attended Live Painting art gallery events, that she organized to raise funds for building schools in Africa.  Her & I, and Bill Sienkiewicz & Crow creator J. Obarr, would do live art, and auction off paintings to raise funds for the schools.  
She has modeled for me for some of my Jessica Jones covers (pre Krysten Ritter), & more.
3. What's the thing coming up that you are most excited about?
DM:  This year, our creator-owned book from DC called COVER was nominated for 3 Eisner Awards.  Including, Best Painter, Best Cover Artist, & Best Graphic Novel of the Year.  So I'm currently working on the new series of that. It is an international espionage story inspired on my personal travels overseas for the US State Department.  It's me, Brian Michael Bendis, & Zu Orzu all teaming up again to tell the next storyline,
4. How is KABUKI coming along at Sony? Can't wait to see!
DM: I hope to have some news on that soon, & we also have an offer to adapt our creator-owned series COVER to a TV series. So I hope to have news on that soon as well.  It would involve both Bendis & I on the creation of the TV series.
And I would still LOVE to bring my kids book THE SHY CREATURES to the screen at some point.
Speaking of TV series, I've read that the ECHO character I created in my writing on Marvel's Daredevil is reported to be in the new Marvel TV series Hawkeye on Disney Plus.  They had reported the casting call for the character asking for a Deaf, Native, Latin Actress to play the character.
5. Do you have anything you want to talk about? Your Ambassadorship etc?
DM:  For those that don't know, I spend much of the years overseas traveling for the US State Department as a Cultural Ambassador.  It began under the Obama Administration.  I'm often teaching in refugee camps, UNHCR camps, IDP camps, youth prisons, and schools along border areas.  I taught at the Schools or the Deaf in Tunisia, Singapore, & the country of Georgia in the Former Soviet areas.   I was in North Africa a couple different years & traveled to Sakartvelo 3 different years, Asia, and teach at many universities & events often on border areas.
Much of the things I experienced overseas traveling for the State Department & working with the Foreign Service Officers around the world became inspiration that went into our book called COVER.  People can pick up the collection of it out now. 
And Dark Horse Comics has collected my KABUKI series into Omnibus collections that have just been released this year & are also available. They include lots of extras & new material & are the best way to read my stories.
Also, Cat, thank you for all that you do! (Cat to David: you're the best!)


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