BRAND NEW PRINT: David Mack paints The Corinthian!

BRAND NEW PRINT: David Mack paints The Corinthian!


This beautiful watercolor print of a painting of The Corinthian by fav artist David Mack is now available at the pre-sale price of $25.00 for the next few days. (presale over on Tuesday May 1, 2024- where it will go up to $35. We are also offering a $5 off code for you to use on anything on the Neverwear site.

Printed in the heart of Hollywood, California on luxurious pearlescent stock in the same size as the other Sandman characters, 8.5" x 11"

A limited run of 750, all unsigned for now. 

Will come with a matching 4" x 6" sticker while supplies last.

I remember reading about this magical nightmare and having reeal chills at the mouth eyes...! 

Enter this code at check out to get a crisp five dollars off entire order: TEETH

Thank you so much, we will be donating funds to a kitten rescue we follow on Instagram, @HeidiWranglesCats-- she is doing some amazing work on the streets of Brooklyn, NY.

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