BRAND NEW! Merv and Matthew print!

BRAND NEW! Merv and Matthew print!

When I first read Neil Gaiman's Sandman, issue by issue, I think my two favorite supporting characters for Dream were Matthew the Raven and Mervyn Pumpkinhead. So funny and irreverent, this pair!

David Mack has made them come alive in a watercolor portrait this week.

This is a pre-sale, while we are on the east coast, to attend New York ComicCon, both David and I have birthdays in this time (him Oct 7, me Oct 16-- Libra power!)

Printing happening now in lovely Hollywood, California USA, these will match the series in size (8.5" x 11") on the luxe pearlescent stock. 

A series edition of 1500.

They will come with an embossed Neverwear stamp on the print (usually lower left corner) shipped to you in a sturdy tube-- along with a sticker of the print.

These will be sold unsigned for now, hope to get Neil and David to sign some in future.

We are offering these at $25 for the presale, they will start to ship out Oct 18th- 

after the pre-sale, like all the prints we do, they will go up to $35 (or more) so this is a good 30% + savings.

We will be donating to raven/crow rescues around the country- in honor of Matthew.

NOTE: Apologies, no shipping to Australia right now, unless you are prepared to wait, there are backlogs in delivery causing problems there, we are so sorry to report.

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Is there ever a chance of a print collaboration with David Mack & Neil Gaiman’s “Here’s what I know about love”? It was a reading at my wedding & think it would be amazing to have that text with David’s exquisite art.💗


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