BRAND NEW! David Mack illustrates Neil's quote

BRAND NEW! David Mack illustrates Neil's quote


David Mack has long been experimenting with brush strokes and excelling at spare line work. He came up with this image which we made into a postcard set over Valentine's Day/CHinese lunar New Year (Year of the Dog 2018). They sold out immediately. (you lot are lightning fast)

We loved it so much, we made it into a print.

David and I went to sushi dinner and talked about how much we liked the sizing of the BOOK IS A DREAM YOU HOLD IN YOUR HAND quote by Neil piece we did a couple years back.

David thought having a companion piece for it would be nice symmetry.

He illustrated this quote from Neil:

"You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen." - Neil Gaiman

Same luxurious pearl finish. Same 8 1/2" x 11" size.

One difference?

this time, I ACTUALLY HAVE THE PRINTS DONE! *shocker, i know*

I am going to do a pre-sale price on the unsigned print anyway, because I won't always have it together to get them out before announcing. $18.95 for now.

It will go up to the normal price of $28.95 at midnight Pacific Daylight on Tues 3/16/2018!

David debuted them at his table in Seattle at Emerald Con!

I even had time to have him sign several and to have Neil sign a stack while we were on his mini-Norse paperback tour.


here's a little movie of how David does his signature: 


Until Friday @ midnight  the print, unsigned, will be priced at $18.95. 

Offering them signed by David ($50) or signed by David and Neil ($100) as well. click in the variants section to see these choices.

thank you as always! 

We will be donating a percentage of this product's profits to this no-kill animal shelter in the Redwoods of California, PETS IN NEED. 

"To advance the no-kill movement, reduce pet homelessness, and find every dog and cat a loving home."

I just spent half an hour on the Charity Navigator site to find the most lauded no-kill shelter in California. These friends are doing it right for our furry ones. 


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