BRAND NEW!! David Mack illustrates Neil's 8 Rules for Writing. (pre-sale!)

When David showed us the artwork he came up with for Neil's 8 Rules of Writing print, we shrieked! SO gorgeous.

This is an 11" x 17" limited edition print which will debut in physical form at David Mack's artist alley table at San Diego Comic Con! 

As we like to do, we are having a pre-sale on the prints for $25 for the next seven days while they are being produced (right here in Hollywood, CA).

They will go to their normal, non-pre-sale price at midnight July 11, 2018.  <NOTE: they are at retail now>

David will have them at his table for signing the following week in San Diego. I will have Neil and David sign a small batch as well while they are in the same air space-

The first run will be 1500.




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