NEW! a Sean Von Gorman little Neil print

 Sean Von Gorman has done it again.

He has presented us with this imagined view from the past, what if Neil had an origin story like Spiderman.

That New York sensation, he of the Houdini, Pawnshop & ToeTag Riot comics fame-- Sean has created a little Neil Gaiman-- in the style of one of my all-time favorite artists: Charles Addams. 



 This is a from a Neil interview conducted in Oct 2006. by Jessa Crispin

Q: How did your interest in mythology start? 

A: I wish I had an origin story for you. When I was four, I was bitten by a radioactive myth. 

I remember the first time I encountered Thor was definitely in comics, which left me interested and excited enough in Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of the Norsemen that I read it until it fell apart. Then I went out with my own money and bought Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of Egypt. Which I read a lot. I was a seven-year-old kid reading ancient Egyptian mythology for pleasure.


We are offering this limited edition full color print in an easily framable size of 8.5" x 11". $20.00

This will be a run of 300 on a gorgeous pearly stock.

Printed right here in Hollywood, California U.S. of A.

here is an exclusive back-stage look at Sean's watercolor process:



Sean is a super-talent, hint* ---> watch this space for some news about another joint project from us, me writing, Sean illustrating.

You can support Sean as well by asking for his latest title TOE TAG RIOT in your local comic book shop:



a portion of the money collected will go to THE GAIMAN FOUNDATION, Neil's support of the art community-- and some will go to BLACKJAGUARWHITETIGER, which is a big cat reserve in Mexico. go see their site: so many happy rescued lions & tigers!


feel free to ask any questions:



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