In which we offer a Writer Kit #3! Signed totes available as well

hello friends,

We had such fun with the first & second Writer's Travel Kit, which quickly sold out,  we designed a third set.  Ordering this one will directly benefit Gaiman Foundation, all proceeds 100% will go to them: 

The Gaiman Foundation, supporting freedom of speech, the written word, and popular culture,  generally doing good where it can.

There will still be chances to win if you order the kit as there will be 10 signed stuck in the 100 that are available- as well as these 5 signed bags.

A lucky clicky pen w/Neil's writing advice printed in silver, a tote bag, 12 postcards and a new luggage tag.  All the traveling writer needs to get around. 

The new luggage tag is hard recycled plastic to withstand all of the rigors of travel. 

The tag features a quote from Neil: 

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before..."

here is the link to order Writer's Kit #3:

here is the link to order Writer's Kit #3 w/a signed-by-Neil bag:

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  • Do you do email alerts? I really, really, really want a writers kits and I’m afraid I’ll be too late on the 4th round. Please and thank you!!!


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