we visit the Comedy Store...no joke!

we visit the Comedy Store...no joke!

Happy new year, my intelligent friends.

It has been a wonderful month with Mr. Neil Gaiman here in town, he leaves LA tomorrow, off to work on a new novel and to cuddle his sweet new son, Ash.

He graciously signed some more totes for Neverwear, there will be a third edition of the Writer's kits coming up...more chances to win a surprise NG signature! (we got new luggage tags and the Dream postcards in!)

I am having a mini-rock weekend after Neil leaves, going to Lemmy's tribute on Saturday and to see Tool, my old bosses on Sunday-- then we will be back to pack the new Writer's kits. I will be posting a new discount code as well, over on the Facebook page-

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an absolute blast yesterday at the legendary Comedy Store on Sunset Strip with Neil Gaiman. He was interviewed on camera and I learned about a million new things about him. I wanted to thank the production and crew, such pros, what a pleasure!

Walking up and down the halls with the super-knowledgeable manager Eric, i was dizzy from the comic molecules in the air. Serious comedic heaven.



(and yes, I got up and told a joke on that hallowed stage, as did Neil- his was MUCH better than mine...)

here is set PA Travis, who shushed me during filming-- xoxox

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