Happy new year 2016!

Happy new year 2016!

hello all you fine readers!

hope your new year's eve was wonderful. (we went to the last ever Motley Crue show here in LA--still a little sleepy)

Neil posted a mini-video reading his New Year's Wish, see it here:


Last year, the so-talented David Mack did a watercolor illustration of the New Year's Wish and we sold out in three days. This year we did a second printing of it, David added a frame and a bluewash~ we are selling it connected with a secondary companion print- get one for $28 and the second is only $10 dollars more, for a limited time. 

We will disconnect the two prints on January 3rd, so if you like, get them early!


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Can this still be ordered?

Lisa Grushcow

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