Shipping update! Neil Gaiman/David Mack Dream/Wish prints

Hello all,
a little update on the new DAVID MACK/NEIL GAIMAN print shipments.
We had pre-postaged/packed many of the tubes and now we are putting the prints in the tubes.
We had to hand-number, hand-stamp 4000 pieces-- they should all be at the post office by Monday morning Dec 14th. After the 15th Dec, we can't be sure that packages will arrive by Christmas.
If you have been following our Facebook page (, or our twitter (
you have seen all the photos from Neil's visit here in LA. *whew-- a whirlwind! I even got him in front of the Breaking Bad RV which is parked on the Sony lot... 
You will also have seen that I asked Neil to sneak sign a small amount of the DREAM prints and have slid them into the pile. You may just get one in your order.
The print bundles will separate on Monday at midnight PST, meaning no longer will you be able to buy one at 28$ and get the second for only $10 more dollars-
the Dream will become $28 and the Wish will become $38, so that's a nice savings if you want both...
here's the link to get to the page:
thanks so much for your support-
your moneys have gone on to fund protecting the lions and tigers of our planet via BLACKJAGUARWHITETIGER freedom of speech via Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! (
also furthering the careers of artists via Gaiman Foundation.
we are so grateful for you!  Cat

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