what a week! plus overseas shipping questions addressed.


 A sincere thank you ALL for the orders of Neil & David's WISH vision.

My printer should have them ready early next week and we will be shipping elves for the next couple of days. They should arrive in mailboxes worldwide before the Christmas holiday.

I just finished my last day on the Black Keys tour here in Baltimore and am now visiting my parents before flying to Neil's Addams Family house for a quick stop.

Also wanted to address the shipping fees:

I try to keep things to a low roar, but the postal rates have continued to skyrocket- to ship the tubes overseas, it is minimum of $16 + the tube cost of $1+ gas, storage, etc.

That's why I tell people to make friends and buddy up on orders.

For example I just had a big order from Singapore, and they paid the flat rate price of $18.95 US and it actually cost me $45 dollars US.

I am just addressing the (very few) people who balked at the overseas price. I am not making money off the shipping, we have loads of costs associated with ship/handling and want to get your items to you as quickly and safely as possible.

this said, I just had Drew change the Canadian shipping to lower price.

Canada got rolled into international, and it doesn't cost as much as overseas to ship to our beloved northern neighbors. Email me and I will issue a refund.

Am here for any questions or feedback, negative or positive. neverwear@gaiman.net

our motto: We are all in this together.

Thank you for your patience & constant support!

-Kitty Cat (aka Pepper Potts)


if you wish to tweet to Neil Gaiman: @neilhimself

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If you wish to tweet to me: @neverwear

Neil Gaiman on Twitter: "New years wish RT @davidmackkabuki: get this from @neverwear before ...

New years wish RT @davidmackkabuki: get this from @neverwear before they run out. The prints are still available. http://tmblr.co/ZPJpas1X6qupo.


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